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Amazing Garden Stampede

Hi guys, I haven't posted here in a while so here's the game I've worked on for the last 6 months at King, it is called Amazing Garden Stampede and it was done by a small team of only 3 people. I did all the graphics and the animations in the game using Photoshop and Flash.

It is something different in style because it is a casual game for a casual market, some might say it is easier but actually it is the opposite :) Anyway, you can play the game here:

Click the poster below to see all the game art on Behance:




“The Last Game” book cover

Hello 2014! Here's a recent book cover commission from Leonore Pothast for her new book "Das letzte Spiel" which will come out later this year. Here you can see some of the initial thumbnails.





I've spent some more time on a 30 min speedpainting I did last week for this great Facebook group. You can see all my speedpaintings and other works on this Tumblr and also on my Facebook fan page.



International Self Portrait Day 2013

Today is the International Self Portrait Day, so here’s my inner daemon exposed! :)


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Could be a nice book cover design, don't you agree?




This is cover illustration for an upcoming fantasy book named Tathican by Alexander Crommich. I know it might look a bit too dark on some monitors, sorry about that, it was supposed to be a night time environment illuminated by the aurora. Here you can see a closeup of the character on the front cover.





Land of the Ancients




Played a lot of Magic: The Gathering lately, I got really inspired by the awesome card artwork and here's the result - the gatekeeper daemon Eidolon.



ART VAULT digital art expo

Hi everybody, I'm having an exhibition here in Bucharest at Saint Ink Gallery, displaying a bunch of old and new illustrations together with some of the finest artists I've worked with - Gospo, Corni, Grajdeanu and Xiusha. There will be a great mix of styles - from comics to concept art, illustration, game art etc. It's called ART VAULT and I would love to invite all of you, there's a chance to win a print of your choice from the exhibition just for showing up!

The opening night is 4th of July at 19:00, I hope to see you there! If you're interested in more info go check out the Facebook event page.


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Expose 11

EXPOSÉ 11, the renowned art book from Ballistic Publishing showcasing the world’s best digital art is now available for pre-order and I am proud to announce that this year my artworks "Ioana" and "Throw's Pass" were also included, you can find them at pages 31 and 73.


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Sunset at Akhet

Time for a new epic scene, this one inspired by Alexander Bubnov's "Morning on the Kulikovo Field" except this time's a sunset and I've tried to create a fantasy scene that goes very well with this song from the Age of Conan game.

For those who wonder about the name, Akhet in ancient Egyptian is the place where the sun rises and sets, often translated as "horizon" or "mountain of light".




A portrait I did for my girlfriend's birthday, looks even better printed on canvas :)


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