U  N  C  H  A  R  T  E  D      D  I  M  E  N  S  I  O  N  S

Hidden somewhere at the heart of an uncharted ancient world, there is a place that can grant any wish to the ones that have the strength to reach it.

The Ringmaze is a vast artificial realm, a central hub of gateways connecting different alien worlds, a crossroad of the multiverse build by an unknown ancient civilization. 

The brave souls that choose to face the dangers of this exotic but dangerous realm are called Scavengers, some seek knowledge, salvation or enlightenment others seek riches or absolute power.

As a Scavenger, you are entering an alien, uncharted world filled with wilderness, megalithic ruins and mysteries to discover.

Are you trying to find God or become one?


City of Raddak

The adventure starts here, in a fast expanding urban sprawl recognized by its majestic monolithic landmark, a towering colossal block of black stone-like material of unknown origins, located at the heart of the city.

The typical denizens of Raddak are merchants, hunters, thieves, nomads, traders and slaves of all colors.

In the recent past an opening formed at the monolith's base and soon the dwellers realized that the tall black rock acts as a gateway between this place and another uncharted dimension - the Ringmaze.

The Ringmaze

The land beyond the monolith is a huge disc-shaped labyrinthine world with vast landscapes and humongous structures to explore. Some tried to map it but it’s three concentric tectonic layers are shifting every now and then.

At the far edge of the disc world there are many other monolith gateways that connect other worlds and realms.

Dangers are at every step, wild beasts, weird anomalies, marauders or even exploring drifters from other worlds.






The Scavengers

Explorers, drifters, treasure hunters, thieves or knowledge seekers - all are drawn to this new uncharted world, but only a handful survive to tell the tale, you take the role of one of these adventurers.

Alone or organized in groups, these sojourners are testing their fate trying to get into the heart of the maze to acquire its treasures and knowledge.

Using the Ringmaze as a metaphor for the struggles and the choices we make in life, Scavenger presents a setting of exploration and (self) discovery. 

There are no wizards, no dwarves, no elves or orcs in the low-fantasy setting of Scavenger, but corruption and slavery is commonplace.

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