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Here are the Photoshop brush sets i use in my artworks, they were not created by me, but are free to use:

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  1. many many thanks for these amazing brushes. took me almost an hour to test ‘em all out. totally recommend them.

  2. multumesc mult ptr brushes ma tot joc cu ele :D

  3. excelente! many thanks! :)

  4. merci. ce faine sunt!
    felicitari pt. blog. numai bine.

  5. The Barontieri brushes are down, and that’s what I googled. ):

    Thanks for the other links though!

  6. Thanks Nikki for letting me know, I’ve put a new link to Barontieri’s brushes ;)

  7. Thanks v much for posting these!

  8. Wow. :O Thanks for the brushes! :)

  9. Links are down=(

  10. nope, try again, all the link work fine

  11. The jones brushes are out of bandwidth. :(

  12. bumskee brushes -out of bandwidth

  13. Links aren’t working. Only the first four brushes work.

  14. I’ve updated the broken download links, now they should all work ok.

  15. I believe there is one error in brushes links – Cicinimo (Jaime Jones) brushes are missing (link next to them is pointing at Barontieris brushset). I will GREATELY appreciate fix as I am dying to try Jaimes set.

  16. Lightning fast man! Thank you so much!

  17.’re AWESOME…thanks for your help and concernto help other artists out there :)

  18. Hello, our company wants to publish your concept art, would you please let me know if you have any interest?

    Thank you!

  19. Hi,
    The link for Maciej Kuciara’s aka CptObvious’ brushes is down. Can you fix it please ?
    Thank you!

  20. MrCocoGelato, I’ll try to fix this asap.

  21. This brushes are amazing. Thank you very much! ♥

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